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Rubashkin Judge Rules on Her Own Conflict of Interest—Draws Rebuke as “Arrogant”

U.S. District Judge Linda Reade issued a ruling on October 27, 2010 denying a motion for new trial for Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin – a former meatpacking executive who was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud following an immigration raid on his family’s Postville, Iowa company, known then as Agriprocessors. Rubashkin’s attorneys, led by Nathan Lewin of Washington, D.C., have called the judge’s conduct “arrogant.”
Reade, in essence, self-ruled on charges of her own misconduct. She found that there was not sufficient new evidence presented to the court to warrant a new trial based on her judicial misconduct. The 50-year-old rabbi is currently being held in a federal prison in Otisville, NY.  Rubashkin, who belongs to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement of Judaism, was found guilty of 86 financial fraud charges in 2009. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison and was ordered to pay $27 million in restitution. Numerous legal and judicial experts, among them six former U.S. Attorneys General, have questioned the severity of the sentence.
Attorney Lewin has argued that new evidence shows that Judge Reade, who presided over the trial, actually participated in planning the 2008 raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at Agriprocessors. Some 400 undocumented foreign workers were arrested and then deported. Rubashkin’s defense argued that Reade could not be impartial in her finding against the rabbi, arguing that she should have recused herself from the case, and that the court’s involvement in the raid was illegal.  Their contention was supported by affidavits from the chairman of the American Bar Association’s Committee on the Code of Judicial Conduct and by a NYU law professor who is the country’s leading expert on legal ethics. They concluded that the judge had committed judicial misconduct and the prosecutors had committed prosecutorial misconduct. Attorney Lewin vowed to appeal Reade's decision and rejected the Judge’s reasoning.
“Judge Reade took a leisurely 49 days (from September 8 to October 27),” Lewin stated, “while Sholom Rubashkin is languishing in jail, to issue a brief  ‘Order’ in which she totally fails to address the serious allegations of judicial misconduct that were made against her. It was unprecedented judicial arrogance for her to rule on her own guilt – to assess herself the serious charges against her that are proved by the government’s documents. And the case she presented for herself is woefully inadequate.”
Rubashkin’s defense acquired documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, which they say showed federal agents met with Reade regarding the raid. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said there was nothing illegal about the court’s involvement in the raid planning, in light of the fact there were going to be so many arrests and prosecutions. The court needed to be aware for planning purposes. In her self-ruling, Judge Reade denied that the internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement memoranda discovered under the FOIA request constitute “newly discovered evidence,” and held that there is  nothing in the documents that would be admissible on any issue relating to Rubashkin’s conviction of bank fraud and other charges. Reade said Rubashkin failed to make any arguments based on the documents that he could not have raised before trial. Rubashkin claims the FOIA documents report that Judge Reade “supported” the enforcement action, but she ruled that this misstates and mischaracterizes her role. Reade said her “support” was clearly in the context of the court’s duty to logistically prepare for the arrest of hundreds of persons.
As to the issue that Reade should have recused herself from the case, she said that a federal statute directs that a judge must be recused if her/his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Passing judgment on her own involvement, Judge Reade said, “Based on the facts and ignoring all rumor and innuendo, the court finds that recusal was not required in this case.” Reade claims that she had to ensure court proceedings are efficient and to provide all constitutional guarantees for defendants arrested in the raid. According to the judge, if she had recused herself, it would provide incentive to defendants to “advance rumors and foster speculation in the media in an effort to judge shop. The court declines to do so.” Saying that there was no Eighth Circuit Court precedent for referring the motion to another judge or requiring discovery, as Rubashkin had requested, Judge Reade said that the motion was “totally devoid of merit.”
In a scathing rebuke, Lewin stated, “Her ‘Order’ addresses none of the specific events that prove the bias that led her to impose a 27-year jail sentence on a first-time, non-violent offender who was found guilty of overstating the security for his bank loan. She does not disclose or explain (1) how often or why she met repeatedly with the prosecutor on many occasions beginning six months before the raid; (2) whether and why she requested a meeting with “many attendees” from law enforcement, at which there were “discussions about numbers, potential trials,” and during which, she stated she was “willing to support the operation in any way possible;” (3) whether and why she attended a March 17, 2008, meeting with prosecutors at which “parties discussed an overview of charging strategies;” (4) whether and why she demanded from the prosecutor a “final game plan” on the anticipated raid in the weeks preceding it; and (5) whether and why she had weekly meetings with the prosecutor in the weeks preceding the raid. These events – proved by the government’s own internal memoranda – are probably the tip of the iceberg. We have sought discovery for additional and redacted documents related to Judge Reade’s participation in the raid, but Judge Reade summarily dismissed the notion that the public be given the chance to see the full extent of her biased actions.”
Lewin added, “Judge Reade’s failure to disclose facts regarding her own conduct repeats her failure to disclose the details of her involvement in the planning for the raid to Mr. Rubashkin’s lawyers in November 2008, when she set a deadline for the filing of a motion to recuse her from further participation in the case. She ignores in her ‘Order’ the sworn affidavits of Mr. Rubashkin’s lawyers, that had they known what has now been disclosed by the ICE documents, they would have moved to disqualify her. And under governing standards set by federal law and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, she would have been disqualified and could never have made the dozens of rulings in Mr. Rubashkin’s trial that harmed him and resulted in the jury’s adverse verdict.”
Vowing to rigorously pursue the case, Lewin stated, “We are confident that the Court of Appeals will not tolerate these violations of fair and due process, and that Mr. Rubashkin will be vindicated in the appellate process.”
Cutting Edge senior correspondent Martin Barillas is editor of Speroforum.

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Hebrew scenes from popular movies and TV shows

Rabbi Berel Wein's's - Abraham & Sarah


Kahane Confronts Protesters At Speech in Minnesota

A Modest Suggestion: "Should we, or should we not... kill the Jews?"

A Modest Suggestion" is a feature-length satirical comedy about anti-Semitism. In a corporate boardroom, four men in suits discuss the next item on their agenda: "Should we, or should we not... kill the Jews?"

The Democratic Party Platform

PM Netanyahu's Speech at the OECD Privacy Conference 2010

Parashat Chayei Sarah, Hebron City of the Avot

8th Day "It's Shabbos Now"

Kinderlach - Moshiach

ISRAEL MATZAV: Outrageous: UNESCO 'recognizes' Rachel's tomb... as a mosque

The picture is Kever Rachel (Rachel's tomb) as it looked until about ten years ago, when the government turned it into an armed fortress to counteract 'Palestinian' terrorists firing upon it.

Free Jonathan Pollard The former U.S. naval intelligence analyst has already served far too long for giving classified information to Israel

About 25 years ago, Jonathan Jay Pollard, a U.S. naval intelligence analyst, betrayed his country by providing highly classified information to Israel. Even though Israel was and still is a U.S. ally and is routinely supplied with U.S. intelligence, Pollard deserved to be severely punished for his actions. However, the punishment should fit the crime. In his case, it does not.

YNET: Rare glimpse at Egoz Unit exercise: 'Hezbollah's nightmare' In guerilla fights against Hezbollah, every bush becomes a threat. Officers: 'We aren't playing make believe, this is the only way to truly be prepared'

Even after 35 kilometers (about 22 miles) of movement on the foothills of the Carmel Mountains over a period of 48 hours without sleep, in 30 degree heat and with dozens of kilograms of equipment on their backs, the Egoz Unit combat soldiers remain focused on their mission. When a demolition charge "explodes" near one of the teams and "hits" almost half the team, the others didn't hesitate for a moment. They immediately lifted their friends on their shoulders and continued on their mission.

New IDF Infantry Fighting Vehicle Designed in Israel, Built in America

Israel is having a U.S. firm (General Dynamics) manufacture 600 of the new Nemer IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) over the next eight years. The first hundred or so were built in Israel, but the rest can be built more cheaply in the United States. One infantry battalion is already equipped with Israeli built Nemers, and the other three battalions of the Golani Brigade will get Nemers over the next three years.

Hamas to step up executions of collaborators; Hamas authorities in Gaza have begun imposing the death penalty as part of a campaign against Palestinians found guilty of collaborating with Israel.

Two men have been executed in Gaza this year for passing information to Israeli forces. Dozens more are in jail.

God is Protecting Israel

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nuclear Iran threatens America!

Will Economic Sanctions Stop Iran from Going Nuclear?

Do you believe that economic sanctions will stop Iran from going nuclear?
It seems that only the Obama Administration believes that sanctions are enough to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and providing them to terrorists.

In a recent survey of American voters over 75% believe that all options -- including the use of military force -- must be on the table to stop Iran. We agree.
We believe that no one will be safe with a nuclear Iran. We take the tyrannical Iranian leader at his word, when he says he will annihilate Israel and attack the "Great Satan" -- the United States of has launched an educational campaign directed at the American people to inform them that a change of policy must take place to Stop a Nuclear Iran. With projects like this we can change the course of America policy. Instinctively the American people understand the threat and now we are providing them with a platform to let their concerns be heard.
The politicians will listen if enough people speak up. The number of people we reach with this important message will depend on how much you care.

ISRAEL MATZAV: How arms get from Iran to Lebanon

Speaking of how Iranian arms move around the world, France's Le Figaroexposed on Wednesday how arms get from Iran to Lebanon for use by Hezbullah (link in French). It seems that Hezbullah does its own transportation.

Netanyahu to ride in million dollar car The specially adapted Audi A8 Security wll be delivered to Israel shortly.

The most expensive car ever to travel on our roads will arrive in Israel shortly.
This is the prime minister's new official car, an armored Audi A8 Security, which will replace various German and American cars used for the purpose up to now.

PMW: Jews persecuted in Europe because of their "great love of money:" PA TV history program

A history program on official Palestinian Authority television has repeated an odious PA distortion of history. 

Since its inception, the PA has been rewriting the history of Zionism, teaching that the Jews came to Israel not because of their historical ties to the land, but because Europe wanted to be rid of "the burden of its Jews," [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 12, 1998] and "wanted to get rid of the Jews and their problems,"

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 15, 2009].

LTC Allen West in support of Israel

Myths and Facts 1: Do Jews Have A Claim to Israel? with Dr. Bard

MEMRI: Palestinian Reformist: The Islamization of the Palestinian Cause is an Obstacle to Its Resolution

In an interview posted on the liberal Arab website Aafaq on October 4, 2010, Palestinian reformist Zainab Rashid said that the Arab dictatorial regimes exploit the Palestinian cause in order to divert attention from their own domestic problems and suppress initiatives of democratization and reform. She also opposed the Islamization of the Palestinian cause, saying the Palestinian issue will never be resolved as long as it is construed as a religious struggle destined to continue until Judgment Day.

Crushing defeat for the BDS conference in Montreal

The Boycott-Israel conference that ended Sunday in Montreal was supposed to show the growing momentum for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. With barely 100 activists attending the closing plenary Sunday afternoon at UQAM, it is clear that the BDS movement has no noticeable traction or support in Quebec.

85th Conference of Liaison Officers of Arab Boycott of Israel Kicks Off

Damascus, (SANA) -The 85th Conference of the Liaison Officers of the Arab Regional Offices for the Boycott of Israel kicked off on Tuesday in Damascus with the participation of 15 Arab countries and representatives of the Arab League (AL) and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Hassid Gets Down!; Sefad Hassid shows the world how to boogie.

הרב עובדיה יוסף - אליך מרן - הקליפ הרשמי


אמור לי נא אח, איך נזכה אנו
אמור לי נא איך, לגדול כמורינו

ניצול הזמן, אור לעיני מורינו
חיים של תורה, חיי גדול דורינו
נילך בדרכיו, ה' יאיר עינינו
ללמוד תורתו, תורת משה רבינו

אליך מרן, עיני כולם נישאים
דברי תורתך, בליבותם נכנסים
מהם העולם, יונקים וניזונים
דברי תורה, דברי אלוקים חיים

אחי, נמעט בהבלי העולם
זאת לנו מורה, נשיא התורה
אחי, מה נאה עמל התורה
ולואי ונזכה, לחיות לאורה

אליך מרן, עיני כולם נישאים
דברי תורתך, בליבותם נכנסים
מהם העולם, יונקים וניזונים
דברי תורה, דברי אלוקים חיים

ניצול הזמן, אור לעיני מורינו
חיים של תורה, חיי גדול דורינו
נילך בדרכיו, ה' יאיר עינינו
ללמוד תורתו, תורת משה רבינו

Louis Louis Lulav Break Dance; Jewish kid break-dancing

Oseh Shalom; A special video recording of "Oseh Shalom" was made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel's establishment

PMW: PA TV: Tel Aviv residents are also "settlers"

In a PA TV program about the history of Jaffa (southern Tel Aviv), pictures of a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa included the caption: "Jaffa's holy sites are in the hands of the settlers."

The Palestinian Authority uses the term "settlers" to imply illegitimacy.

Palestinian Media Watch has reported on the PA's continued denial of Israel's legitimacy.

 Text: "Jaffa's holy sites are in the hands of the settlers"
 [PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 6, 2010]

The Arabs' "NO" to Israel

Israel and the Palestinians: "No" is the Real Obstacle to Peace from AJC on Vimeo.

More than borders, more than land, more than water, more than settlements, the main hurdle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is an idea: that Jews have no right to a state on a land where they have lived for centuries.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A Muslim Jew-hater and supporter of genocide is flushed out by David Horowitz at a speech during "Israel Apartheid Week at the University of California San Diego; Muslim college student agrees all Jews should be killed

Jumanah Imad Albahri: Good evening. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to campus tonight and presenting your point of view. It’s always valuable to have two sets of views going on at the same time. Very useful. My name is Jumanah Imad Albahri and I am a student here at UCSD. I was reading your literature. I found that much more interesting than the talk. And I found some interesting things about the MSA, which is an organization that is very active on campus and it is hosting our annual “Hitler Youth Week.” You should come out to those events. If you could clarify the connection between the MSA and Jihad terrorist networks, because last I checked, we had to do our own fundraising and we never get help from anyone. So if you could clarify the connection between UCSD’s MSA, or if you don’t have such information, if you could connect other MSAs on UC, because the connection wasn’t too clear in the pamphlet.
David Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas here and now?
Jumanah Imad Albahri: I’m sorry, what?
Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?
Albahri: Would I condemn Hamas?
Horowitz: As a terrorist – genocidal — organization?
Albahri: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?
Horowitz: So you won’t. I actually have had this experience many times. You didn’t read the pamphlet (The Muslim Student Association and the Jihad Network), because the pamphlet gives chapter and verse on the connection. The main connection is that the MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood network as revealed in the documents produced by the FBI in the Holy Land Foundation trial.
Albahri: I don’t think you understood what I meant by that. I meant, if I say something, I’m sure that I will be arrested for reasons of Homeland Security. So if you could please just answer my question.
Horowitz: If you condemn Hamas, Homeland Security will arrest you?
Albahri: If I support Hamas — because your question forces me to condemn Hamas — if I support Hamas, I look really bad.
Horowitz: Well, if you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it. Case closed. I had this same experience at UC Santa Barbara where there were 50 members of the Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there. And throughout my hour talk, I kept asking them, will you condemn Hezbollah and Hamas. And none of them would. And then, when the question period came, the President of the Muslim Students Association was the first person to ask questions. And I said, before you start, will you condemn Hezbollah? And he said, well, that question is too complicated for a yes/no answer. So I said, okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For it or against it?
Albahri: For it.
Horowitz: Thank you. Thank you for coming and showing everybody what’s really going on here.

We have the right to an indivisible Jerusalem BY RABBI DOV FISCHER

Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky invites a forthright open dialogue, a conversation about Jerusalem. Contemplating Israeli talks with those governing the autonomous Arab enclaves of Judea and Samaria -- Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Authority -- Rabbi Kanefsky writes that it is time for us to be honest about the story of Jerusalem. Employing the pages of The Jewish Journal, he particularly challenges those in the Orthodox Zionist community to converse, to be honest about Jerusalem.

PMW: Jerusalem's Temple/Jewish history denied; History revision: Denying Jewish Temple

PMW: Palestinian lecturer denies biblical and historical Temple

PMW: Jewish history in Land of Israel erased

Denial the Jewish history and connection to the Land of Israel has been policy since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.

PMW: Rewriting history

Rewriting the history of the Land of Israel in order to deny Israel's right to exist is central to Palestinian Authority (PA) policy. Long before it started the Terror War in 2000, the PA was fighting a history war – erasing Jewish history and replacing it with a fabricated Palestinian history.

PMW: PA Chairman Abbas holds up map of "Palestine" that erases Israel

During a visit to Bethlehem this week, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas held up a stone model of a map of "Palestine" that erases Israel. [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Oct. 26, 2010]

The Holy Highway Through Judea And Samaria

The Holy Highway Through Judea And Samaria

Atlit, Israel - Israeli PM Praises Troops Who Raided Gaza Flotilla

Atlit, Israel - Israel's leader praised on Tuesday the naval commandos who participated in a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last May that drew international condemnation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on a special visit to a military base, told the men they acted "heroically" and "ethically" in an attempt to stop "people who sought to kill you."

Knesset member Michael ben Ari (L) speaks during a ceremony honoring the late Jewish extremist leader Rabbi Meir Kahane, held in a Jerusalem hotel on 26 October 2010

Followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of both the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the 'Kach' party, pray at his grave in Jerusalem, on 26 October 2010, as they mark the 20th anniversary of his assassination in a hotel in Manhattan, NY

JPOST: Israelis head to Haiti to aid cholera victims; Over 420 infected, with 284 dead; IsraAID team will assess current aid workers' progress, present findings to GA.

The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAID) announced on Wednesday that it will send send a team to Haiti, despite the current cholera outbreak.

Arab stone & rock throwers (Photo: Avishag Shaar-Yeshuv)

Neturei Karta protest with Arabs (Photo: Avishag Shaar Yeshuv)

Rabbi Meir Kahane Photo: Knesset Website

YNET: 'Kahane was right' graffiti sprayed in Jaffa, Nazerat Illit Kach supporters believed behind vandalism; police say act probably meant to mark 20th anniversary of rabbi's assassination

"Kahane was right" graffiti was found Tuesday morning in four locations in Jaffa and several locations in Nazerat Illit.

YNET: Kahane supporters: We'll destroy 'Ishmael state' During memorial service on 20th anniversary of Kach leader's death, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel says, 'If Ishmael state is established - we will destroy it. Suspected 'Jewish terrorist' Haim Pearlman also participates. His wife declares: 'Kahane' is not a dirty word

Hundreds of Land of Israel Movement activists and supporters of the radical movement Kach held a memorial service on Tuesday to mark 20 years since Rabbi Meir Kahane's assassination.

YNET: Rightist protest results in injuries, arrests Right-wing protest in Umm al-Fahm turns violent as local residents hurl stones, police respond with tear gas and stun grenades. Hadash and Balad MKs, soldier disguised as Arab injured; nine stone throwers detained. Rightists chant, 'Death to terrorists'

Violence, stones and tear gas during rightist protest in Arab town: A day after attending a memorial service for Rabbi Meir Kahane, dozens of his supporters traveled from Jerusalem to the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm on Wednesday to protest against the Islamic Movement under tight police security.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How the Changing Nature of Threats to Israel Affects Vital Security Arrangements Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland

  • How do we resolve the dilemma of a peace agreement that includes handing over the Golan Heights to the Syrians, while facing the fact that Israel cannot be defended without the Golan Heights? The way around this was supposed to be the inclusion in any peace agreement of specific security arrangements. Yet this approach was based on a number of assumptions, all of them misguided.
  • Events over the past ten years have also revealed a marked change in the types of threats to be expected from a Palestinian state or from the existing Palestinian entity. This involves a switch to three types of weaponry that all fundamentally contradict the guidelines discussed for security arrangements.
  • Rockets and missiles positioned throughout the West Bank would easily cover the entire State of Israel. Advanced anti-aircraft missiles would be capable of shooting down not only large passenger aircraft flying into Ben-Gurion International Airport, but also helicopters and even fighter planes. Anti-tank missiles that are highly effective up to a range of 5 km. can easily cover not only strategic positions such as Israel's north-south Highway 6, but well beyond.
  • The common denominator among all of these is the ease of smuggling and clandestine manufacture, as is taking place today in Gaza. No monitoring system that may be established will be able to prevent this. Only effective control of the Jordan Valley along the Israeli-Jordanian border can prevent the smuggling of these types of weapons.
  • In addition, if Israel were to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines, then the area to the east of the Israel-Palestine border would be home not only to the Palestinian Authority, but to other potential enemies too, including Hizbullah and Syria. This means that in determining security arrangements in the West Bank, the approach must be broader, beyond Israel's needs vis-à-vis only the Palestinians.

Conference to showcase Israeli homeland security capabilities The Export Institute hopes next week's Homeland Security International Conference in Tel Aviv will help bring Israel a larger slice of the global market.

Generations of experience in fighting terrorism in a violent Middle Eastern neighborhood will translate into a lot of money and an important export growth engine for Israeli industry - that is the essence of the vision of Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute CEO Avi Hefetz, and the inspiration for the first Homeland Security International Conference next week in Tel Aviv.

CSM: Why Israel sees double standard in response to Wikileaks' Iraq files The Wikileaks files on US actions in Iraq has some Israelis arguing they were unfairly singled out by a UN inquiry over the Gaza war.

The Wikileaks release of US military field reports from Iraq that detail tens of thousands of civilian casualties in seven years of fighting is being used by some Israels to argue that their country is a victim of an international double standard on human rights.

WikiLeaks and the Gaza War

The New York Times tucked a remarkable statistic into the tail-end of an article on WikiLeaks’s latest document dump, one with ramifications for the ongoing delegitimization campaign against Israel: for most of the last century, the normal civilian-to-combatant wartime fatality ratio has been 10:1.

PMW: Terrorists who threw grenades near Western Wall praised as "heroic prisoners" by PA TV

PA TV continues to honor terrorists who murdered Israelis as heroes.  A PA TV talk show host referred to five Palestinian terrorists who threw grenades at soldiers and their families after a swearing-in ceremony at the Western Wall as "the heroic prisoners of the Mughrabi Gate operation." One Israeli was killed and 69 were injured in the attack. 

NYT: Ezekiel's Tomb in Iraq-

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D

Today is the Yahrtzeit of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D, the founder of the Jewish Defense League and Israel’s Kach Party.

SERAPHIC SECRET: They Came for Juan Williams, They're Coming for You

This Islamist is not a radical. He is an NPR leftist.
I've been calling it National Palestinian Radio for years.

NYT: Ezekial's Tomb in Iraq; Crossroads of Antiquity Can’t Decide on New Path

KIFL, Iraq — This small town, shaded by date palms on a bend of the Euphrates River, has been revered as a holy place for centuries — by Jews, by Muslims and, for periods of peace, at least, by both. “The old democracy,” as the local police chief put it.

The familiar Peace Activist

Peace activist
Going over my backlog of foreign press photographs, I happened across this one of one of George Galloway’s Viva Palestina members, described as an “international peace activist.”

An international peace activist (L) gestures from inside a vehicle next to a Hamas policeman upon his arrival at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip October 21, 2010. Hundreds of international peace activists arrived in Gaza on Thursday in a convoy carrying humanitarian supplies, to show solidarity with Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip, an official in the convoy said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Does he look familiar? The last time we saw him, he was “gesturing” in a radically different way.

 International peace activist?

Monday, October 25, 2010

CAMERA: The Battle Over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

One of the main obstacles in previous peace-making efforts has been the issue of dividing Jerusalem and control over the Temple Mount. Muslim denial of Judaism's historical and religious ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the Waqf's illegal construction there, and the violent response to Jewish activities there present an obstacle to peace-making efforts.

One Jerusalem: 60 Minutes Does Hatchet Job On Jewish People

CBS has just aired an anti-Jewish segment on Israeli plans for Jerusalem.  The segment is filled with angry Arabs and Jews (including the Mayor of Jerusalem) peppered with questions that presume that scientifically exposing Jewish history is a crime against humanity and an impediment to peace.

One Jerusalem: NPR, Obama, ACLU, ...We are free to speak our minds on everything

The assault on professional journalists, publishers, comedians, etc. when it comes to expressing views about Muslims and Islams must cease and desist. The latest victim (in a growing list) is Juan Williams former National Public Radio (NPR) news analyst, author and FOX commentator. He is formerly an employee of NPR because they fired him when he said that he is uneasy seeing someone in Arab garb in an airport. This imagined crime brought swift condemnation from NPR and his firing. 

One Jerusalem: Tom Friedman's Israel Meltdown

Members of America's Jewish elite are the New York Times columnist Tom Friedman's loyal followers. Never does a discussion about public affairs include a mention of Friedman unless there is a secular Jew in the crowd. But over the years even members of that group have been dwindling. Friedman is no longer the guru one must agree with -- Paul Krugman seems to have taken over that role.

One Jerusalem: Jimmy Carter Again: Divide Jerusalem

After meeting with anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Freedom leadership of Hamas, Jimmy Carter, Mary Robinson, and other Elders proceeded to Jerusalem to protest Israel's supposed occupation.

PMW: Replacing Israel with "Palestine" more important than education: PA daily cartoon

The idea of a "Palestine" that replaces Israel is more important to Palestinian children than education. That was the message of a cartoon in the official PA daily newspaper last week. A second message in the cartoon was that Palestinian youth are prepared to use violence.

WSJ: Can Israel Be Jewish and Democratic? Many nations have laws and practices that recognize their majority group's history, language or religion while also protecting the rights of minorities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently asked Palestinian peace negotiators to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state. Some critics have called this move cynical, because Palestinian leaders are unlikely to offer such an acknowledgment. But others oppose it for a more basic reason: They claim it is antidemocratic.

NYT: Iran Renews Nasser's Three "No's" - In the Mideast, No Politics but God’s

BEIRUT — A line was uttered this month by Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, that drew little notice in between his stentorian asides but said a great deal about politics today for Israelis, Palestinians and the larger Arab world.

Israeli SWAT Team Takes First Place at U.S. Urban Shield Training Exercise

 An Israeli SWAT team took first place at the fourth annual Urban Shield Training Exercise, a 48-hour continuous competition involving 29 teams held in the Bay Area from Oct. 15-18. Among the 26 emergency scenarios were hostage rescue, maritime/train interdiction, weapons of mass destruction, and a nuclear facility threat.

US Army and IDF Completed Joint Training Exercise; The combined "Juniper Falcon 11" exercise between the Israel Defense Forces and the US European Command (EUCOM) was successfully completed last Thursday (Oct. 21)

The US and Israel concluded a several day-long command post simulation and training exercise called Juniper Falcon 11 last Thursday (Oct. 21). Juniper Falcon 11 is part of a series of routinely conducted training exercises between the US and Israel that build partnership and which promote regional peace and stability. The exercise is part of a long standing agreement between the US and Israel to hold bilateral training exercises on a regular basis.

Return to the 'Altalena' - In 1948, the 'Altalena' weapons ship was sunk off the Haifa coast. In a teary reunion, Yulio deGavriel who survived the tragedy, is reunited with the rescuer he hasn't seen for 58 years .

Jonathan Pollard - 25 years - more than 9000 days in captivity!

Israeli Pawn Star.. Guinness Record: 523 Simultaneous Chess Games; Israeli chess grandmaster Alik Gershon has taken the Guinness World Record for simultaneous games after playing 523 opponents in Tel Aviv.

YNET: Netanyahu's 'list of millionaires' List of potential donors prepared by then-opposition leader in 2007 provides peek into his fundraising industry in US. Officials include extreme rightists, people who got in trouble with law

Prime minister's foreign legion revealed: Benjamin Netanyahu's list of potential donors, which was prepared ahead of the 2007 primary elections, was published Friday by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily.

ISRAEL MATZAV: Geert Wilders: 'Jordan is Palestine'

Here's another reason why Israelis should support Geert Wilders: He's on our side. This is from a Google translation of aDutch newspaperarticle.
"Judea and Samaria are Israel Jewish settlements there so the more the better," twittered the politician on Saturday.

Wilders is known as a friend of Israel and has in the eighties, a period spent on a kibbutz.


Commenting on his tweet Wilders let him know that nothing interests''that''its position is contrary to the Dutch foreign policy.

The PVV''will never support a Palestinian state, except for Jordan.''This country, he said, actually all the Palestinian state. ''Jordan is Palestine.'
Wilders was responding to comments made earlier by United Nations special rapporteur Richard Falk.

Chaim Yisroel singing Malachim (Angels).

Vatican City - Israel: 'Vatican Synod Became a Forum For Arab Propagana'

Vatican City - Israel said Sunday that a meeting of Middle East bishops was hijacked by enemies of the Jewish state, after the gathering at the Vatican largely blamed Israel for conflict in the region.