Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vicious Anti-Zionist Children’s Book Distributed By Satmar

Laughing Zionists: “Only through blood will we get the Land [of Israel].”
Tens of thousands of copies of a children’s book depicting Zionists as Nazi collaborators have been published and distributed in haredi areas of Israel by Satmar hasidim in the hope that this propaganda will influence the parents of those children and cause them not to vote in today’s national elections, Behadrei Haredim reports.

The illustrated book purports to tell the story of the State of Israel’s founding, but it does so ahistorically, painting Zionists as Nazi collaborators and destroyers of the ‘true’ Jewish religion.

One picture in the book shows a small haredi boy resisting while Zionists forcibly cut his peyos, forelocks. The boy cries out,"Father and Mother in the World of Truth [Heaven]! See what evil they do to me, make a great tumult for me before the Heavenly Throne [God].”

Another picture shows a ship full of haredi refugees trying to immigrate to Israel. But Zionists have convinced the British Army to attack the ship and sink it. Haredim on the ship cry out, “Help us!” as other haredim try to swim to shore. Zionists stand off to the side and with a sense of satisfaction say, "Wow! That turned out better than we expected.”

Yet another picture depicts a haredi Yemenite man who goes to a Zionist doctor with his baby. The doctor sells the baby to a secular Jew. "Doctor! My son has a fever," the haredi father says. The doctor answers, "If so, we need to immediately hospitalize him.”

In a different picture on the same page another secular man comes to the clinic and gives the doctor $20,000. After the doctor takes the money, he tells the Yemenite father in the third panel, "Your son died."

In what is perhaps the worst slur in the book, in another picture a group of haredim with children are boarding a cattle car to a death camp as Nazi soldiers urge them on. Standing off to the side are three laughing secular Zionists who exclaim, “Only through blood will we get the Land [of Israel].”

The distribution of the book coincides with today’s national elections and with the visit to Israel of the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, perhaps the most anti-Zionist haredi rabbi alive.

Teitelbaum’s great-uncle, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, was the first Satmar Rebbe.

He was saved from the Holocaust by a Zionist, Rudolph Kasztner, who Oskar Schindler of Schindler’s List fame called the bravest man he ever knew. Kasztner saved more Jews from the Holocaust than any other Jew was able to do.

Satmar has spent the past 68 years smearing Kasztner.

Yoel Teitelbaum – whose anti-Zionist theology and behind-the-scenes attempts to scuttle Zionist outreach in Satmar and surrounding areas eventually cost hundreds of Jews their lives – refused to thank Kasztner for rescuing him or even acknowledge that he had been rescued by Kasztner.
Teitelbaum went to his grave 35 years after being rescued without ever saying anything positive about Kasztner, Zionists or the State of Israel.