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Mazal Tov to the Astrof Family!

Sasha Astrof participated in the AMIT Mitzvah Program for her Bat Mitzvah chesed project. "I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah with all my family and friends, but I know there are a lot of girls who aren't so fortunate."

Sasha raised funds to help a girl in Israel who wouldn't otherwise have been able to celebrate this important and meaningful day.

AMIT welcomes the Astrof's to our Chai Society and wishes the family a hearty MAZAL TOV! 

For more information on how you can participate in the AMIT Mitzvah Program, please contact Michal Taviv-Margolese at 301.859.4885 or

Abbas' hit parade; Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas has drawn up a list of 120 terrorists he wants Israel to release as a precondition for restarting talks • The U.S. has urged Israel to consider the request • But should Israel release a rogues' gallery of murderers in exchange for sitting at the negotiating table?

On Friday, Dec. 31, 1993, the 17th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet, David Bublil and Haim Weizmann were stabbed to death in their sleep in an apartment in Ramle.
One of the murderers was Fatah operative Ala Abu Sata. Together with his fellow attacker, he mutilated the bodies of his victims, even cutting off their ears as proof of his act. Two days later Abu Sata was captured, tried and sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment.
Issa Moussa, a Hamas operative, has also been serving three life terms in Israeli prison since 1993. Moussa was involved in the kidnapping and murder of police officer Nissim Toledano, which had the country in an uproar 21 years ago. He was also involved in the murder of two other police officers, Daniel Hazut and Mordechai Yisrael, on Land Day (March 1993) at Talmei Elazar junction near Wadi Ara.
The potential release of Abu Sata and Issa Moussa came up in discussions of the prisoner-exchange deal that resulted in the release of Gilad Shalit. After a tough argument, they were left in prison. Now Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has made the resumption of the peace talks with Israel conditional on their release and on the release of roughly 120 of their comrades, most of them "heavy-duty" murderers, most of them older men. Most of them committed their crimes before the Oslo Accords were signed, or at around that time.
Many months ago, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received the "list of the 120," as Abbas' list is called, his hair stood on end. It was one thing, and a very hard thing at that, to release 1,027 terrorists, hundreds of them hard-core murderers with blood on their hands, in exchange for a single live soldier, Gilad Shalit, who had been held captive by Hamas for years. It's another thing entirely to release a similar rogues' gallery of murderers "in exchange for resuming the talks."
But when the U.S. "asks" -- or, as some claim, applies pressure -- Israel must look into the matter, at least formally. This week, the list reached the desk of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is in charge of the talks with the Palestinians. Although Livni describes them as "despicable terrorists who did terrible things," she is still looking into their cases. The defense establishment is also checking the list. President Shimon Peres, who was asked about the matter in an interview on the evening of the last Independence Day, has already said that Abbas' request "should be considered in a positive light."
In the summation meeting of the World Economic Forum in Jordan this week, Abbas himself, in what was part speech and part threat, made public mention of the matter and asked, theoretically, of course: "Why are our prisoners not released? We are told, 'Why should we release prisoners for nothing?' You released more than 1,000 soldiers for Gilad Shalit. Do you want us to kidnap soldiers? That's not our culture. In 2012 several hundred soldiers mistakenly entered Palestinian villages and cities. They were returned to their families within 10 minutes. We didn't kidnap a single one. We reject the use of such an act."
'They will kill again'
This saga, which Abbas is concocting in cooperation with the American and European foreign ministers, is not going unnoticed by the victims' families. The news that the Palestinian Authority is now demanding the release of the men who murdered their loved ones has been giving them sleepless nights. Geula Delarosa is the mother of soldier David Delarosa, who in 1988 tried to save Rahel Weiss and her three children from a bus that had been firebombed near Jericho. She remembers how David, whose air passages had been severely injured from the fire, fought for his life until he succumbed.
She would have been willing to release the men who murdered her son and Rahel Weiss and her children in exchange for Shalit, but the possibility that they might be released "in exchange" or "as a goodwill gesture" for the resumption of the talks upsets her terribly.
"Have we lost our sanity?" she asks. "We see again and again that terrorists who were released in the Shalit deal talk about resuming terrorism and also return to it. I hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu will show wisdom and reject the pressure."
Dalia Bublil, the sister of David Bublil, who was murdered in the apartment in Ramle, is also firmly opposed to the release of her brother's murderers.
"It hurts so much, to this very day. How would ministers in the government feel if, God forbid, the murderers of their siblings were to be released in exchange for resuming talks?" she asks, bewildered.
Elinor Abutbul was 10 years old when her father, police officer Mordechai Yisrael, 35, was murdered. She grew up with pain and loss. She is now 30 and a mother of two.
"The people who murdered my father destroyed an entire family," she says. "A man went to work in the morning and never came back. These are terrorists with blood on their hands, and I'm absolutely certain that their release will lead to more terrorism, more bloodshed and more victims. The decision-makers must learn from experience and avoid making this terrible mistake."
Elinor's grandmother and David's mother, Allegra Yisrael of Haifa, says that the release of her son's murderers will pour more salt into her wounds.
"He was murdered while [then Prime Minister Yitzhak] Rabin was still alive, and Moshe Shahal, who was then the minister of the police, came to visit us and express his condolences. Anyone who lets them go free could sentence more victims to death, God forbid. Why haven't they learned from past experience?"
Allegra continues, "The pain doesn't go away as the years go by. It only gets stronger. I lost another son to a severe illness, my Michael, who was also a police officer. My husband died two years ago. Before it happened, we bought two cemetery plots close to the section where Mordechai is buried, so we'll at least be laid to rest near him."
Police officer Daniel Hazut, 34, was murdered together with Mordechai. Hazut's daughter, Sapir, who was 18 months old at the time, knows her father only from photographs.
"The terrorists, who were disguised as IDF soldiers, shot them at point-blank range. If they had been freed in exchange for Shalit, I'd be in favor it. To save a soldier, that's sacred. But for no good reason? And what about the terrorism that will happen once they're free?"
Her mother, Rivka Sabag (Hazut), Daniel's widow, also opposes releasing the murderers. She, too, would have been willing to pay a similar price for a kidnapped soldier "but not like this," she says. "After all, it's so likely that they'll kill again."
'A moral sin'
Israel released 1,027 prisoners in exchange for a single soldier. Of that number, 303 were serving life sentences and 148 had been sentenced to several life terms. Twenty of them had been sentenced to more than 10 life terms, and 330 had been prosecuted for the murders of Israelis. Some 427 of the prisoners were responsible for terror attacks in which 569 Israelis were killed (according to an essay by Yoram Schweitzer, director of the Terrorism and Low-Intensity Warfare Research Project at the Institute for National Security Studies).
This time, too, the number of terrorists with blood on their hands is very high. The Almagor Terror Victims Association, which has revealed the complete "list of 120" to Israel Hayom for the first time, issues warnings together with countless examples of terrorists "with blood on their hands" who returned to terrorist activity -- murder and wounding, or inciting or planning terror attacks.
They include older people. Meir Indor, one of the heads of Almagor, says, "If there should be another wave of released terrorists, the state will have sinned twice. The first is the moral sin of releasing murderers before the proper time and making a joke out of the legal system, the law and law enforcement in the State of Israel. Second, they're committing a moral sin by releasing terrorists knowing that previous releases have already led to waves of terrorism and the murder of hundreds of people." He adds, "Some of the people who were released in the Shalit deal have gone back to terrorism and made statements supporting terrorism."
Political sources in Jerusalem say that Netanyahu would have a very hard time releasing terrorists on the list of the 120, except perhaps for a very few. This was also made clear to the U.S., which was very active in the matter because of its belief that this would contribute to the resumptions of the talks with the Palestinians. A close look at the list of terrorists and the atrocious acts of murder they committed shows how hard it is.
The "stars" of the list include the murderers of Professor Gavriel Stern in the Valley of the Cross in July 1992; the man who stabbed Genia Friedman to death as she was walking on a street in Kfar Saba; the men who kidnapped and murdered the soldier Akiva Shaltiel on the eve of Passover in 1985; and the murderers of Israeli soldiers Yaakov Dubinsky, Yair Pereira and Guy Friedman.
In the last case, the murderers were Israeli Arabs, members of the Islamic Movement from the Wadi Ara area who were recruited by Islamic Jihad. On Feb. 14, 1992, the murderers broke into the soldiers' tent encampment near Kibbutz Galed and murdered the three soldiers, who were new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The murder weapons were knives, axes and a pitchfork. The incident later became known as "the night of the pitchforks."
Also on the list of the 120 whose release Abbas is demanding as a precondition for resuming talks is the terrorist from Fatah who helped plant the bomb in the Mahane Yehuda market in 1991 that killed eight people; Arshid Hamid Youssef, who was given five life sentences for murdering five people suspected of collaborating with Israel; Osman Bani Hassan, who murdered Yosef Eliahu and Leah Elmakais, two Israeli day-trippers, in a forest on Mount Gilboa in 1985 and was sentenced to two life terms; two Arab construction workers who murdered Zalman Schlein at a construction site where he was building his home in 1989; the men who kidnapped and murdered the soldier Moshe Tamam in 1986; the terrorist who took part in the murder of Simha Levy of Gush Katif in 1989; and Youssef Shamasneh who murdered Ronen Karmani, 18, and his close friend Lior Tubul, 17, on the night of Aug. 4, 1990, while they were on their way to visit their girlfriends in Pisgat Ze'ev. Three men riding in a van with Arab license plates forced Karmani and Tubul into the van at gunpoint. The men took the two friends to a wadi in Beit Hanina where they stabbed them to death. Their bound bodies were found two days later in the wadi between the Ramot neighborhood and Beit Hanina. A wave of anti-Arab riots broke out in Jerusalem after the murders, during which a Palestinian woman was stoned to death.
The goal: kidnapping
Meanwhile, as Abbas concentrates on the demand to release the 120 terrorists, the groups that do not bow to his authority do not stop at words or veiled threats. They are constantly planning to kidnap soldiers and civilians. In 2011, 11 attempts to kidnap soldiers were reported. In 2012, there were 26 attempts to kidnap soldiers and an unknown number of attempts to kidnap civilians that, miraculously, were unsuccessful. More events of this type took place in 2013. According to the latest official report, 18 kidnapping attempts took place from November 2012 to last March.
Only several days ago, the Shin Bet uncovered a military group belonging to Islamic Jihad. Its members, men in their 20s from Hebron, planned to kidnap a soldier near Hebron to use as a bargaining chip for the release of Palestinian prisoners. Two members of the cell, Hazem Tawil and Abdullah Abido, have been convicted in past years of security-related offenses as members of Islamic Jihad, and served sentences in Israeli jails.
The members of the cell planned to drive among various bus stations where Israeli soldiers or civilians wait for transportation, shoot at them from their car and kidnap and hide a body, then bargain in exchange for its release. The military court in Judea has handed down 13 indictments against them.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon opposes releasing the terrorists at Abbas' behest, and Netanyahu knows his position. During the dramatic cabinet meeting in October 2011 in which the Shalit deal was approved, Ya'alon, who was not yet defense minister, opposed the deal. Now, as defense minister, his position carries much more weight.
One topic on the government's agenda is the Shamgar Committee report on kidnappings. The report has not yet been discussed. Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak appointed the committee after the deal in which the bodies of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were returned to Israel. After Shalit's release, the committee submitted the second part of its report to the government. Among the topics it dealt with were the questions: Should negotiations for captives be held, and under what circumstances? What are the permissible boundaries? Who makes the decisions? The committee also recommended dispensing with special envoys, whose services have been used so far, and putting the topic under the purview of the defense minister, with the prime minister and the cabinet involved in decision-making as needed.

The way that Abbas' demands are being dealt with is not the way a kidnapping incident is handled. But there are similarities between the two, since this is also a kind of ultimatum, or blackmail if you will. The classified Shamgar Committee report may well contain recommendations about a situation of this kind, which the government must now deal with.

ELDER OF ZIYON: Iranian liberalism: Judges can choose other death penalty for adultery than stoning

They are so progressive!

Iran has amended its internationally condemned law on stoning convicted adulterers to deathto allow judges to impose a different form of execution, according to the revision seen by AFP on Thursday.

The controversial practice, in which stones are thrown at the partially buried offender, has provoked outcries from human rights organisations, international bodies and Western countries urging Iran to abandon it.

An article of Iran's Islamic new penal code, published earlier this week, states that, "if the possibility of carrying out the (stoning) verdict does not exist," the sentencing judge may order another form of execution pending final approval by the judiciary chief.

The article does not explain what is meant by the possibility of stoning not existing.

In Iran, executions are normally carried out by hanging.
Here's something I didn't know about stoning:
Under Iran's interpretation of Islamic Sharia law in force since its 1979 revolution, adultery is punished by the stoning of convicted adulterers.

Women are buried up to the their shoulders, but men only up to their waists. They are spared if they manage to free themselves before dying.
Well, of course, women must start at a disadvantage. After all, they are ....women.

Doesn't that sound like the ultimate reality TV show? "Escaping the Stone," with your host, Iran's biggest Western cheerleader, Juan Cole! If they answer Quran questions correctly, they can be buried in lighter materials before the stoning begins, moving from cinder blocks through sand and up to Styrofoam and confetti.

"The Shidduch Hits the Fan" - The Groggers MUST SEE!

Chazen Ushi Blumenberg From Yedidim - Eilu Devarim



The Yesh Tikvah Pesach Tour

ISRAEL MATZAV: If Omar doesn't practice BDS, why should you?

Hidden Polish Jew Celebrates Bar Mitzva At Kotel After Discovering He Is Jewish

Jerusalem - Mariusz Robert Aoflko, a 64-year-old Jewish attorney from Krakow who grew up thinking he was a Polish Catholic, celebrated his bar mitzva on Thursday at the Kotel with friends and other hidden Jews from Poland.
Mariusz contacted Shavei Israel’s emissary in Krakow, Rabbi Boaz Pash, once he discovered he was Jewish thirteen years ago, and met Michael Freund, founder and chairman of Shavei Israel, at the entrance of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland and told him the story of how he discovered his Jewishness.
Mariusz spent his entire life as a Catholic. However, 13 years ago, right before his mother passed away, she told him that he is Jewish. And not only a Jew, but a Kohen (a member of the Jewish priestly caste). Both of Mariusz’s parents were born to Jewish families who perished in Auschwitz.
After the war, the fear of being Jewish in Poland led his parents to hide their religion and to live as Polish Catholics, which in turn was a lifestyle and identity they passed on to Mariusz, hiding the fact that he was Jewish.
In April, Mariusz met Michael Freund, founder and chairman of Shavei Israel, at the entrance of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland and told him the story of how he discovered his Jewishness.
“When Mariusz told me his incredible story, I was deeply moved,” Freund said, adding, “I told him that since 13 years have passed since he found out he was a Jew, it is an appropriate time for him to have a bar mitzva.” Freund then offered to arrange for the event to take place at the Kotel, all paid for by the organization. Mariusz was very moved by the gesture and of course agreed.
Currently, Mariusz (who now goes by the name of Moshe) is visiting Israel for the first time and celebrated his bar mitzva at the Kotel on Thursday , 13 years after the secret was revealed, which he calls “his rebirth.”
According to Shavei Israel, there are approximately 4,000 Jews registered as Jewish living in Poland, but experts suggest there may be tens of thousands of other Jews in Poland who to this day are either hiding their identities or are simply unaware of their family heritage.
In recent years, a growing number of such people, popularly known as the “Hidden Jews of Poland”, have begun to return to Judaism and to the Jewish people.

Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

Thursday, May 30, 2013

ISRAEL MATZAV: Did the IRS act on behalf of the 'Palestinians'?

Rick Richman raises the possibility that exaggerated IRS scrutiny of applications for tax-exempt status by pro-Israel groups may have been undertaken at the behest of the 'Palestinians.' The proof is in the 'Palestine papers' published by al-Jazeera in 2011.
At the June 16 meeting, Erekat said Benjamin Netanyahu’sJune 14 Bar-Ilan speech had sought to put the Palestinians on the defensive. Netanyahu endorsed a two-state solution and stated that in the meantime, “we have no intention of building new settlements or of expropriating additional land for existing settlements,” but would “enable the residents to live normal lives.” He urged the Palestinians to engage in immediate negotiations, without preconditions. Erekat wanted to respond to the speech with a letter to the U.S. that would cite the number of individual housing units under construction. Dr. Mohammed Shtayyed made an additional suggestion to Erekat:
“We should also focus on the government incentives to settlers: loans without interest, land for free, agricultural subsidies in the Jordan valley. We can’t stop a pregnant lady from having a baby, but look at what we can do. We should look at the 501(c)(3) organizations in the States that make donations to settlers. Let the US administration investigate this.” [Emphasis added].
Shatayyed was wrong about Israeli government incentives, which had been terminated by Israel during the Bush administration, as part of a negotiated arrangement (detailed by Elliott Abrams in Tested by Zion) allowing new construction only within already built-up areas, which permitted normal growth without an increase in the Israeli “footprint” in the territories. Given our evolving knowledge of how the IRS operated under Obama, however, it seems possible the Palestinians followed through on Shtayyed’s other suggestion, asking the administration to investigate pro-Israeli groups.

YNET: Muslims combating anti-Semitism At Jerusalem conference, British-born Muslim compares KKK rallies in US to anti-Israel protests in London. 'During my visit I saw Israel wasn't some apartheid state,' he says

A small, but increasingly vocal number of Muslims are rejecting radical hate speech and combating anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. In the recent Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism held this week in Jerusalem, Palestinian Media Watch director, Itamar Marcus and Dr. Boaz Ganor organized a panel discussion with Muslim activists actively rejecting hate rhetoric.

Two of the panel speakers included Kasim Hafeez, a BritishMuslim who runs The Israel Campaign and Rev. Majed El Shafie, a human rights advocate originally from Egypt. Ahmad Mansour, a Palestinian living in Berlin, who is a policy advisor for the European Foundation for Democracy, was also scheduled to speak but was unable to attend.
"When people say that anti-Semitism exists in the Muslim world because of Israel, that is simply an excuse," says Kasim Hafeez, born in Britain to a Pakistani Muslim family.

"People here (in Israel) get Islamic anti-Semitism. In Europe, we deny it," Hafeez expounded.

"As a university student, I would attend radical anti-Israel rallies in Trafalgar Square. Here I am standing in London in the middle of a European capital - chanting 'death to Israel' and nothing was ever done."

He compares those rallies with the Ku Klux Klan. "An Al-Quds Day rally in London is equivalent to a KKK rally in the US," he stressed.

Hafeez told Tazpit News Agency that he began to change his thinking when he read A Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz.

Hafeez explains that he read the book in order to learn how to further deconstruct Zionist propaganda. "But I began to see that I could no longer support my convictions because I had no answers to the arguments that were made for Israel," he explains.

"I found that the radical Islamic doctrine that I grew up with and my own belief in violent jihad could no longer support the truth I once believed in."

מחתימים אנשים לפעילות בהפגנה בלונדון (צילום: רונה זינמן)
Anti-Israel protest in London (Archive photo: Rona Zinman)

That realization prompted Hafeez to visit Israel. "I kind of hoped that the visit to Israel would be a negative experience, that it would enable me to go back to my former beliefs," he told Tazpit News Agency.

But the visit was eye-opening for Hafeez, who says he fell in love with Israel during his first trip. "It's hard not to support Israel," says the soft-spoken Hafeez, who recently participated in the Jerusalem Marathon. "I encountered Israelis who weren't anti-Arab, or anti-Islam and saw that this wasn't some apartheid state."

'Moderates must speak up.' Rev. Majed El Shafie (Photo: Anav Silverman, Tazpit)

However, coming out in support of Israel hasn't been easy. Hafeez has become isolated from his friends. "It's a lot of hassle – it really disrupts your life when you become vocal and open about your support for the Jewish state."

"What people don't understand, is that it doesn't matter if you bend over backwards for radical Islamists. If you are Jewish, they will hate you no matter what," Hafeez said.

Rev. Majed El Shafie, the founder of One Free World International (OFWI), a leading organization which advocates for religious minorities globally, echoed similar sentiments. A Muslim who converted to Christianity, he found political asylum in Canada and believes that the silence of moderate Muslims is more dangerous than the rise of extremists.

“They (moderate Muslims) must speak up,” says Rev. El Shafie. “Anti-Semitism is everyone’s problem. The moderate Muslims don’t understand that after the radical Muslims finish with the Christians, Bahai, and Jews, they will come after them. The minute we stop fighting for each other, we lose our humanity,” he added.

Rev. El Shafie believes that education is the solution to radicalization and is the only way to bring forth democracy in the Middle East. "The Arab Spring is a cold deadly winter. Whoever came up with the term 'Arab Spring' must have been a guy in a suit behind a desk who had no idea what was really going on."

"Today all these dictatorships that have been overthrown are filled with extremist governments. There is no separation of religion and state and no freedom of religion in the Middle East. Education must come before democracy"

As for Israel, Rev. El Shafie declares that there are two things that the Jewish state cannot be questioned for. "When Israel's right to exist and Israel's right to defend itself, come into question, a line has been crossed," he stated. "The new anti-Semitism today is to hate Israel."

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An Interview with Rabbi Moshe Hirsch Why Orthodox Jews Oppose Israel

In June 1987 I conducted this interview for “Palestine Focus,” the newspaper of the November 29th Committee for Palestine. It was published in the July-August edition. Of course many things have changed since then. However, the explanation given by the late Rabbi Moshe Hirsch regarding the critical differences between political Zionism and the Bible–based hope for the return of the Jews to the promised land is still necessary to understand. Rabbi Hirsch’s most salient point is that the Palestinians are the legitimate rulers of the land, and their law must be the law of the land from the river to the sea. This must be so until G-d says otherwise. To see more on Neturei Karta, go to
Edwin Krales, May 28, 2013
Rabbi Moshe Hirsch is the “foreign minister” of Neturei Karta, a group of anti-Zionist orthodox Jews living in Jerusalem, which is associated with the two hundred and fifty thousand worldwide adherents of the Satmar Hasidim. This interview was conducted in New York on behalf of Palestine Focus by Ed Krales. In respect for orthodox custom, we write the deity as G-d.
What is Neturei Karta?
Jewish people as individuals have always aspired to elevate to the Holy Land in order to serve G-d in G-d’s so-called backyard. These Jews never had any political aspirations of ruling the land or part of the land. Their prime and only motive was the adherence to G-d’s will, which was their philosophical approach to life on earth. At the outset of the Zionist ideology, the Jewish settlers organized themselves into a group called Neturei Karta, which in Aramaic means “the Guardians of the City,” referring to the Holy City, Jerusalem, in order to disassociate from this Zionist movement which the Jewish people found to be infringing on principles of the Jewish faith.
This was at the very beginning, following the First World War, when Zionism first began to be felt. These were simple Jews who had no organizational tenets, who saw that it would be a matter of losing their whole raison d’etre of being in the Holy Land or of being a Jew if they would submit to Zionism. They did get together and kept

 “We can never recognize Israel.”
apart from the Zionist movement and its facets to this very day.
The Jewish code of law teaches us that a Jew is to be loyal to any ruler he finds himself under during this period of Jewish exile. The Torah, the Bible, teaches us that G-d gave the Holy Land to the Jewish people. They were there for two periods, over four hundred years, with their Holy Temple, in which they served G-d, and they were exiled because they sinned to G-d, Who stipulated that the giving of the land to the Jewish people was stipulated with the adherence to G-d’s will.  When this stipulation was forfeited, the land was taken away. One of the principles of the faith teaches us that G-d will return the land to the Jewish people through His messiah inHis good time. Any attempt to accelerate this redemption would bring disastrous consequences.
The late chief rabbi of our organization in the Holy Land was Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe, who passed away several years ago. He wrote that the Holocaust is a consequence of this violation of a divine oath, which is based on a passage of the Song of Songs, which is thrice repeated: “I charge you, Jewish daughter, by the deer and antelope of the forest, not to awaken thy love [G-d’s love to the Holy Land] until thou wills it.” The Talmud refers to this passage, telling us of three divine oaths which G-d charged the Jewish people with. One is not to take over the Holy Land by force against the will of those residing there.
How Zionists Exploit Religion
The Zionists are exploiting the Holocaust as they exploit the religion. They have two chief rabbis in their employ, and their opinions are not even accepted by the establishment. Exhibit A: There was a City of David controversy several years ago when they were digging up an archeological site on an ancient Jewish cemetery, which was declared an ancient Jewish cemetery by the rabbinate, both rabbis. They referred this issue to the high court, and the high court says this isn’t a Jewish state, where the halacha, the code of law, guides the country. It’s guided by secular Turkish and English law, so therefore you are permitted to continue desecrating the Jewish cemetery.
The high court said exactly what the Neturei Karta was saying all along: This state is not a Jewish state. It is a state run by Jews, just like any company managed by Jews, but whose produce is not Jewish. They exploit the rabbinate, and say, look here we have the wailing wall, we have the rabbinate, we have people with long beards in the parliament, and we have certain laws which are Jewish laws, sort of giving it a Jewish taintage, but in reality it is just a mask of political expansionists.
Israel Isn’t Kosher
In 1912, Agudath Israel was established in order to combat the new-established ideology of Mizrachi. Mizrachi is the NRP [National Religious Party], which came out with the ideology that we must establish a state according to the Torah, a “kosher” state. This the sage leaders of the agudas, the orthodox community, found to be in contradiction with the Jewish principles of the faith, that the Jewish people are in exile and are forbidden to establish any form of state in the Holy Land unless it is chosen by the Palestinian residents. Just as in the United States, they can have a Jewish president, if they wish, but not to force any rule over the Holy Land, be it kosher (or what they claim to be kosher), or not. So that was Agudath Israel and Neturei Karta.
In 1924, the chief rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonenfeld, visited Sharif Hussein and was honored there. He told Hussein and other Arab leaders of the Middle East of that time that the Jewish people had no aspirations for any political gain or rule. All they wished was to live side by side with their Arab neighbors and serve G-d.
But today the Agudath Israel have rebelled against what their forefathers stood for. At first they joined the Knesset to fight Zionism from within. Slowly but surely they became a pillar in the Zionist establishment. So they went in to change laws to make them look Jewish just to characterize the state.
The NRP was Zionist from the beginning; that’s their whole being. The Agudath Israel were anti-Zionists. They were the veteran Jewish settlers, pioneers in the Holy Land who organized themselves against Zionism. In 1935, there were elections in the orthodox community organization, and Agudath Israel lost out to Neturei Karta. And slowly but surely they started leaning toward Zionist philanthropies.
They were led astray because of the bait which was extended by the Zionists to support their institutions. It’s difficult to run an institution; it takes money; and Zionists know that.
How Neturei Karta Functions in Israel
We’ve reached a point where the Zionist government recognizes us—but we do not recognize them. We have a sort of autonomous principality in which we have no ties. Our institutions do not receive any monies from the government; the families do not receive any national insurance. We do not pay taxes. We certainly won’t serve in the army. If we would serve in the army, we would fight against the Zionists.
According to our theology, we are to be loyal to any rule which is chosen by the population in that region of the world. Just as we are to be loyal to the American administration and even to the Thatcher administration, we have to be loyal to the rule chosen by the people living in Palestine, which is the PLO. There were elections held under Israeli rule; there is the 1974 Arab Summit which chose them—and which has been reiterated by the King of Jordan and many others—that the PLO represents the people living in Palestine. And the rule chosen by the PLO is the rule we are loyal to. The dominating rule has no lawful position, besides the fact that it is contrary to Jewish theology, so, therefore, we do not recognize the state of Israel.
“We have to be loyal to the rule chosen by the people living in Palestine, which is the PLO.”
The Future
If in the future a Palestinian entity is established, we would like to appendage Mea Shearim and vicinity to it in order to get out of thetreyfa, the nonkosher Zionist establishment, to the kosher establishment. I was once asked on the army radio in Israel, “What do you find bad in Mea Shearim that you want to get out of the treyfa state of Israel? What doesn’t please you there?” I said, “Sometimes people eat treyfa, nonkosher foods, and it’s ta’im, it’s tasty, but nevertheless the soul suffers. And Jewish philosophy teaches the Jew that he is not on earth to enjoy tasty foods, but only to nourish the everlasting counterpart of the human, the soul which lasts on after the body is cast aside after a certain number of years.”
If the Americans or those who run international politics give a Palestinian state or a Palestinian-Jordanian state a franchise, then we would be more than just willing, we would fight to be included in that. An article of ours in Al-Fajr [pro-PLO Palestinian newspaper published in Jerusalem] went something like this: Would the Neturei Karta disassociate itself from the PLO if the PLO recognized Israel? The PLO is at war with the Zionist establishment because of a material claim—lands taken away from them. Material-claims compromises may occur if the deal is approved or is worthwhile. “Good, give us this part of the land and we’ll recognize you, and you have the other part.” But our war is a theological war which cannot bear any compromise, so, therefore, if they would recognize Israel, that would be an opportunity for us to get out of the nonkosher land and join with the other half. We can never recognize Israel, not in Tel Aviv and not anywhere else. The PLO may because there it is a material war, a material claim.
We are as Palestinian as Yasser Arafat. There are Jewish Palestinians, and there are Muslim Palestinians and Christian Palestinians. In regard to issues relating to the Palestinian people, we also have our interests. If a state is established, we would like to have our representation in the government.

ELDER OF ZIYON: How will the GFCA address Arab and Muslim antisemitism?

The fourth Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism started today in Jerusalem. I am keenly interested in seeing what the conference will say about Arab and Muslim antisemitism.

There are some sessions and a working group at the GFCA on that topic. Here is their mission statement:

Arab and Muslim Antisemitism is growing and having a major impact on the Palestinian Authority, in Arab-Muslim countries and in the West. As a result of large-scale immigration that is changing the makeup of Europe, and through the widespread dissemination of hate messages by satellite TV and internet, Arab-Muslim Antisemitism is having an effect beyond the Middle East. Arab communities outside the Middle East are echoing the hate speech of radical Islam .

The hate messages of this Antisemitism are many and varied. Some of them are based on various classical sources from Islam that depict Jews as cursed by Allah, descendants of monkeys and pigs and destined for genocide. According to this Islamic-based Antisemitism, Jews at best are protected and must submit to Muslims, and at worst must all be killed to bring the “hour” of resurrection. Hating, fighting and killing Jews can be perceived as worship of Allah.

Other Arab – Muslim Antisemitism focuses on demonizing Jews because of so-called Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Jews all over the world are included in the collective blame for Israel's behavior. This often includes the attribution of demonic and evil acts to Israel, just as Jews were accused throughout history of poisoning wells and using blood for Matzah. Often the same people will quote both the Islamic-based and nationalistic-based hate speech.

Counter force
Alongside the Muslims who are screaming, “Kill the Jews,” however, is a small but increasingly vocal number of Muslims who are rejecting this hate speech. Muslims who themselves were brought up on the hate messages and were themselves disseminating them in the past have now rejected the hate speech and are rallying and speaking on behalf of Israel and Jews. These are the voices from the inside that must be tapped to seek the way to confront the current wave of Arab-Muslim Antisemitism ....

The goal is that the working group will produce a paper that defines the nature of Muslim-Arab Antisemitism, describes its means of transmission and creates a concrete plan to combat it, including combating the means of transmission.
I'm not sure that finding sympathetic Muslims to try to change things from the inside is the most effective way to combat this problem. I feel strongly that Muslim antisemitism needs to be exposed and condemned explicitly by Western nation-states, human rights organizations and the media. The only way to change the behavior is to shame the people who are engaged in it, and when they know that their hate makes them look bad to the West, they are embarrassed and at least make token attempts to soften the hate. 

This is not in itself a solution, but it is a hugely important first step. Not only that, but it is a realistic stepthat the people attending the conference can implement, by using their connections with influential people. 

I sincerely hope that the topic of the Khaybar antisemitic mini-series is addressed and condemned. 

Here is the video message by PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the delegates of the GFCA where he speaks more about antisemitism disguised as anti-Zionism:

Muslims must reject jihad

JCPenney billboard of tea kettle said to 'look like Hitler' The company officially denies the advertisement is intended to represent the Nazi dictator, responding in a tweet: "Certainly unintended. If we'd designed the kettle to look like something, we would've gone w/a snowman."

A JCPenney billboard of tea kettle on the 405 Interstate near Culver City, California, which some people say resembles Adolf Hitler, has caused quite the stir. The company officially denied the advertisement is intended to represent the Nazi dictator, responding in a tweet: "Certainly unintended. If we'd designed the kettle to look like something, we would've gone w/a snowman." The idea that the kettle resembled Hitler caught on after someone posted a photo on Imgur, the photo sharing site. According to The Telegraph, which wrote a story about it, one user of Reddit said, "That Hitler looks like a kettle."
"He even has his right arm extended," wrote another, while a third added: "I'm a little Nazi, short and stout." Others who commented on the "look" of the item completely disagreed with the comparison to the infamous dictator.

Jewish Wedding (and Mitzvahs): An Unexpected Surprise!

LA Times interview of Sheldon Adelson- discusses Palestinians, peace efforts

JERUSALEM -- Casino billionaire and Israel supporter Sheldon Adelson said Tuesday that U.S. efforts to restart Mideast peace talks are doomed until Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state.
Speaking during a break at the Jerusalem International Tourism Summit, Adelson, 80, also said he would not be investing any of his fortune in Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s new $4-billion private investment plan to develop the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
What do you think about what Secretary Kerry is doing? Is there any chance to move the ball forward on the peace process?
I won’t comment about Kerry. But I’ll ask you: How can you move the ball forward when the Israelis legitimately want peace and the Palestinians want Israel, piece by piece. I don’t know one Israeli that doesn’t want peace. It’s the other side that doesn’t want peace. When they teach their children that Jews are descended from swine and apes, pigs and monkeys, and their charter calls for the destruction of Israel ... how are you going to have peace? I’m all in favor of peace. I don’t care if it’s [a] two-state solution or not. Everybody deserves to live in peace. But I don’t see the leadership from the so-called Palestinians that says to their people, "We have to prepare to give up our charter that calls for the destruction of the state of Israel." Have you heard any Palestinian say we have to give up our hope of destroying Israel in favor of living in peace?
I don’t think the destruction of Israel is in the minds of a lot of Palestinians.
Really? How naïve and how ignorant can you be? I don’t understand why they teach their children to hate and kill Jews.
A lot of Israeli Jews are concerned about what the lack of peace is doing to the Jewish, democratic state. Are you worried that if there is no two-state solution, it will threaten Israel?
That’s completely irrelevant and that’s propaganda-ish. It’s plain stupidity to recognize a partner that wants to kill you [in order to achieve] peace.
So what’s the solution?
Put a big fence around our country and say to the guys over there that the trucks can’t go over our land if they carry weapons, the planes can’t go over our airspace if they carry weapons. Period. [Tell them,] you want to have a state, go do it the way you want.
Kerry is proposing a $4-billion private investment plan for the Palestinian territories and says it’s important to coordinate the tourism industries of Israel, West Bank and Jordan. Would you want to participate in that?
Why would I want to invest money with people who want to kill me? Of course I won’t be part.
How is Israel Today doing? [Israel Today is the Adelson-owned free-distribution daily newspaper in Israel.]
We are the No.1 newspaper.
Is it making a profit yet or breaking even?
It’s doing what we wanted it to do.
How involved are you with Israel Today?
I hesitate because I’d rather not talk about my involvement. But the fact of the matter is, I’m not involved. The newspaper goes by itself.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About All Those “Moderate” Muslims…Bill Muehlenberg

Now it is always possible that I may have missed something here, but after a horrendous few weeks of Muslim atrocities and bloodshed, the scorecard still seems to read as follows:
-Still no mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning the Boston bombings.
-Still no mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning the London terror attack.
-Still no mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning the Swedish rioting.
-Still no mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning the Paris knife attack.

Hmmm…. the silence is absolutely deafening. In fact, I am still waiting for the mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning 9/11. These public protests seem to be non-existent. And there are plenty of such attacks to protest about. There have in fact been 21,000 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11. Well, OK, 20,946 to be exact.
A very important website monitoring all this offers this incredible statistic – and more. The stats are simply mind-boggling. Consider just the month of April 2013. In that month alone there were 202 such attacks occurring in 25 nations. In those attacks 957 people from 5 religious groups were killed, with 2403 injured. Not bad, considering this is the “religion of peace” we are talking about here.
So there we have 21,000 terror attacks by Islamic jihadists during the past 12 years, and as far as I can tell, we have had few if any mass protests by all these so-called moderate Muslims who are supposed to exist, telling the world they clearly abhor all this violence and do not at all approve of such terror.
So what does all this silence tell us? Well, it could suggest that maybe there are not very many moderate Muslims out there. That is possible, although I suspect that the majority of Muslims certainly do not engage in such bloodthirsty activity, and hopefully deplore it.
What may be more accurate to suggest is that these “moderates” are either unwilling to speak out, or are in fact afraid to do so, knowing that they too will become the victims of Islamic terror for daring to publicly denounce this. But what all this tells us about the religion of Islam is far more important.
If you ask me, ‘Are there moderate Muslims?’ I will answer yes of course there are. But that is not really the proper question to be asking. The real question to raise here is this: ‘Is Islam moderate or peaceful?’ The answer to that question is a resounding no.
This political ideology – for that is what it really is – began with the sword, has been spread by the sword, and stays in power by the sword. Muhammad is of course the ideal example of the use of terror, violence, murder, beheadings and warfare.
His life is not only full of such jihadist terror, but this is all fully approved of in the Koran, the hadith, and the history of Islam. This is a religion of blood – built on blood, sustained by blood, and propagated by blood. Those are the simple and plain facts of history.
So it is the religion itself that is the problem. All that the jihadists are doing is being true to their own religion. It is the moderates who are adrift from their own faith. They are the ones who are not true Muslims. But the violent killers we have seen all too much of in the past few weeks are indeed the ones acting out their faith according to the example of Muhammad and the holy writings and traditions.
And now Paris
Oh, and in case you are wondering about the Paris incident I refer to above, here is one news report on it: “French anti-terrorist investigators are handling the case of a soldier stabbed while on duty near Paris on Saturday evening, prosecutors have confirmed.
“The soldier was wounded while on patrol in La Defense, a business district west of the French capital. Private First Class Cedric Cordier was approached from behind and stabbed in the neck with a small-bladed knife. Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian told reporters that he had been targeted because of his profession.
“His attacker, said to be a bearded man of North African origin, escaped and a police hunt is under way. President Francois Hollande said there was no sign so far of a direct link with the killing of a soldier in Londonon Wednesday, for which two suspected Islamists were arrested.
“France was rocked in March of last year by a string of killings by Islamist militant Mohamed Merah in the Toulouse area. He shot dead both French soldiers and Jewish schoolchildren before being killed in a police siege. In Saturday’s attack, the soldier was on patrol with two other soldiers and police officers at La Defense’s metro and train station, when he was approached from behind and stabbed in the neck with a knife or a box-cutter.”
While the spineless leader of France – like the spineless leaders of Britain, Sweden and America – cannot see, or rather, refuse to see, any connections here with Islam, the non-PC masses know exactly about such connections. As long as these leaders refuse to acknowledge that there is an Islamic enemy which has vowed to destroy the West, these attacks will simply keep on coming.
And don’t hold your breath, waiting for the mass demos by outraged “moderate” Muslims.

Muslim Destruction of the Temple Mount! -- הרס העתיקות במבנה ארוות שלמה

CNN Discusses Belz Wedding

Yaakov and the Malachim Boys Choir perform at Haifa University. Soloist: Meir Ronkin

ATLAS SHRUGS: Sixth grade math exercise in the south of France... Draw and color a swastika

Norming the symbol of evil.
A primary school teacher in Saint Clement de Rivière in the south of France had her class draw and color swastikas to illustrate the concept of symmetry in geometry. The only Jewish kid in the class took offense, parents protested and exercise was withdrawn. The case will be brought to the regional school board.
Shocked, the only Jewish student was offended.  One kid with sense.
What's next, a coloring book on how to chop a man's head off?
Google translate from the French: (thanks to Diana)
The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism denounces and condemns unacceptable facts that occurred in CM2 class of a primary school in St. Louis Landier Clement de Riviere (34980) or a teacher was drawing and coloring a swastika to his students.

Capture d  écran 2013-05-22 à 18.25.51

It is a member of an association (PEEP) which alerted BNVCA after being informed by the parents of the only Jewish student in the class.

According to our correspondent, the incident occurred on the morning of Friday, May 17 in the CM2 class, following a presentation on "hitler" presented by two students. The teacher, to illustrate his geometry class, students were asked to draw and color a swastika. The aim was to explain the "symmetry. "

Shocked, the only Jewish student was offended. His parents then alerted a member of PEEP.

According to our informant, after the emotion aroused, the teacher was pulling compromising scrapbook pages of their students and the principal addressed the students in the class in question.

However, we ask the Minister of Education and the Rector of the Academy to the educational, administrative and discipline that would be required, particularly in light of this teaching method.

The BNVCA considers it desirable that a historian, or a survivor of the Holocaust, can address these students and their teachers to better understand the evils of Nazi propaganda and its symbol: the swastika.

The BNVCA welcomes the young Jewish student in this class who, despite his young age, has dared to defend both his identity and memory.

Eliran Elbaz & Moshe Giat Al Hakefak Medley Clip

New Nahal Haredi Soldiers Sing Ani Maamin

ELDER OF ZIYON: Egyptian parliamentarian in Gaza: "Stone all the Jews...America's apes and pigs"

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Egyptian Shura Council member Sheik Muhammad Al-Saghir, upon his visit to Gaza, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 9, 2013:

Muhammad Al-Saghir: Take [my] heart, which has become as hard as steel, and use it to stone all the Jews. Take it and use it to stone all the Jews. Take my eyes. Perhaps a handsome boy who has become blind can use them to see again. Take my skin. Turn it into a fuse or a slingshot for a child, because this land constantly begets boys as proud as [Khaled] Ibn Al-Walid.
Dear brothers, the Jama'a Islamiyya and the Building and Development Party, with its leader, the Jihadi scholar who is imprisoned unjustly in the U.S., Dr. Omar Abd Al-Rahman...


America is the patron of Israel the foundling. It is America that plunged a poisonous dagger of hatred into the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation. America holds the remote control, and commands the movements of its apes, its pigs, and its juvenile thugs on the frontier land of glory. America... Let us never forget that when you see a moving puppet, do not pay attention to the puppet itself. Always look for the filthy hands that command this puppet.

I represent the [Egyptian] people as a preacher in Al-Azhar and as a member of parliament. All the people who wrote posts on [my social media] page asked for the same thing: "Oh sheik, Jerusalem is in our hearts, and Palestine is the apple of our eye. If we are not allowed to visit [Palestine], we will meet them with the beating of the drums of Jihad." They asked me to kiss the heads of the mothers and fathers of the martyrs, and if I cannot, they asked me to kiss, on behalf of the Egyptian people, the head of the symbol of resistance, Ismail Haniya. So that's what I will do.

Al-Saghhir walks over to Haniya blesses him and kisses him on the forehead
To the applause and cheers of the crowd 

ELDER OF ZIYON: How Muslim co-wives feel

From Now Lebanon:
Imagine you're a woman. Imagine you fall in love with a man, or at least, like him, or merely consider him as a potential husband. Imagine he asks to marry you, and you (or your parents, depending on the context), say yes. You move in together, you bear him two or three or five children, you wash his dirty socks and cook for him and serve him and try to be the best wife there is. Because that's what a 'good' wife does.

Now imagine that after a few years of doing that, all of that, your beloved husband, who is financially at ease, decides to get himself a new wife. Just like someone would get a new car. He doesn't divorce you. No. It is much worse than that. He wants to keep you both. And now you have to share him with another woman. You hate the guts of that other woman, and she hates your guts too. But you are forced to live together. If you are lucky enough, he would build a new floor for her on top of the one where you reside. And you wouldn't need to see her constantly gloating in your face. But every night, as he comes back from work, you would hear his footsteps on the stairs, going past your door and up to spend the night with her, to eat her food, to sleep in her bed — the younger, fresher, prettier wife — and you'd wish your heart would stop beating right there right now, because you can't take the pain anymore. But then you do take it, day after day, and you learn to become numb. And your only moment of glory or vengeance would happen the day wife number three arrives, along with the third floor on top of the previous two. That's when the one who replaced you finally learns what it means to be cast aside like a useless mop, a dirty mop full of holes that is forgotten in some corner of the cupboard under the kitchen sink...

This is not some imaginary scenario. It is the reality of many women in Lebanon and other Arab countries. The sad case of the Lebanese woman who recently committed suicide because her husband decided to take up a second wife is but one example of many stories that do not make it to the media. ...

You see, the prophet allowed Muslim men four wives on the condition they are able to do them justice: "Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess." (Qur'an 4:3). Yet the concept of "justice" here, as interpreted in numerous Hadith (like Bukhari's), means specifically being able to provide for the four wives financially. There is no taking into account the emotional or physical needs of the wives, or their human right to be treated fairly. They are properties. As long as you can guarantee the "maintenance" of your properties, you are welcome to "acquire" more.

One long-lasting pretext to justify polygamy is the strong libido of some men, for whom one wife is not enough. So they marry more than one woman in order to avoid "committing adultery": what a genius way to make adultery itself Halal....

In the meantime, many Arab husbands will keep on buying themselves new wives, as long as Allah is the dealer and he is such an excellent salesman.